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Friday, October 7, 2011

Musings on the Cupcake Craze

In a previous food post, I spoke about a breakfast crawl I made in my area and since then I have worked on completing the cupcake crawl I so deeply desired. The endless variety of flavors and seasonal menus is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. That’s what was so approachable about the cupcake and the precise stipulation that rocketed it to the top. However, the cupcake craze has peaked and is on its way out. Sure it will remain a cute idea that flourishes in special markets, but as a sweeping fad, I doubt every bakery will bother to boast a spread of cupcakes in the near future.
Before you only see cupcakes at children’s birthday parties again, be sure to try some of the premiere cupcakeries in your area. The Greater Boston region has some delectable offerings and although I have managed to taste several, I continue to work through the list. The hallmark of the perfect cupcake is a moist cake, flavorful frosting and an equal ratio of both. Adding a filling can never detract from the superiority of a cupcake. Three noteworthy cupcakeries with such pinnacle products are Kickass, Sweet and Cupcake Charlies. Each of these locations drew me in through their tempting menus and an unparalleled satisfaction urged me to return.
Eating the same sugary base several times over can become irritating on a cupcake crawl—leading you to crave something salty and savory. Let me be clear, this necessary sugar withdrawal is common amongst mediocre bakeries, but at the aforementioned locations, the sheer amount of options entices you to continue eating or at least purchasing a box to-go. “If these places are as good as you say”, you ask, “how could they ever go out of style?” Remember pet rocks? Fondue? Webkinz? All fads fade. Sure, they linger, but their star power vanishes—as will many cupcakeries. The best will likely hold out (I hope these three sure do!) but some newer, cooler trend will reign over the foodie frenzy.  
 It’s hard to say what it will be. My best guess would be on doughnuts. Why? Well, I bet the same question was asked about cupcakes. And the answer remains the same: Who doesn’t like a donut? Endangered food trends are often the most fun to explore, so search around for a nearby cupcake establishment. If you are in the vicinity of Beantown, support the waning fashion and use one of these cupcake stores to furnish your next special event!

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