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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog Re-Assignment

I felt it was necessary to explain the slight changes in my blog from here on out. For the past several months I have thoroughly enjoyed scribbling on the factors that compose me: food, writing and nature. But it is time to pull the You Are What You Write blog together. In subsequent posts, I will primarily be providing writing tips, sketches and anecdotes to support fellow writers and those who wish to become part of our grand fellowship. There will also be segments reflecting the nature loving foodie I am in addition to movie, television and book reviews from a writer’s angle.

As authors of a diverse spectrum of works, we all find the greatest pleasure in passing along the words of our passions, but as a young writer I often felt I was alone in my journey. Accordingly, the purpose of this blog is to offer insight and encouragement to unite our community. Feel free to peruse the bloggings before this post if you would like to better understand where I am coming from and continue to check the following updates. If you share my sentiments on writing and hunger for support, join the community and follow me to the next page.

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