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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Writing Sketch 2: Justin Timberlake, Mississippi and the Tennis Ball

This is another 15 minute writing sketch using random topics:
The tour bus rolled into the parking lot at half-past dawn for the final concert event in Mississippi. Justin Timberlake was awoken by a glint of sun ripping through the blinds in his mobile bedroom. He had been waiting for this venue for weeks. The stage would take several hours to be raised and in the meantime, Justin was thrilled to be able to explore the great southern city of Jackson. Mapping out his daily plans, he expected a certain detailed route through the area to well calculated stops before returning to the stadium for rehearsal and ultimately the main event. However, this would not be the case.
Stepping into the cramped bathroom where the lingering smell of plastic clung to every surface, Justin scrunched his nose before preparing for the day ahead. Executing his morning routine, he brushed his teeth, shaved and took a shower. Upon exiting the shower, the closet room had developed a moist film on the floor as well as a dense fog that clouded the area. Even through squinting, Justin was unable to decipher where he was in the bathroom.
Fumbling his hands around, he manages to snag the comforting cloth of his towel before bumping into the bathroom door. Distractedly, he rubbed his face, having not noticed the door swung open. He stumbled out into the thin hallway when suddenly his right foot stepped on a tennis ball. Teetering on the ball, his body shifted balance before tumbling head-first into the cabinet beside him. Justin hollered in pain as she crashed onto the floor. Echoes of the bouncing ball permeated his ears, taunting him to stand. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be going out today.

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