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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adopt a Pet, Make a Friend Fur Life

Looking for a furry friend? One of the best allies humans have in the nature world are our animal friends. As I have detailed before, taking care of our planet will ensure future generations are able to live with these majestic animals just as we have. Exotic or wild animals are one story, but I am focused on the domestic animals we have lived beside for years. Plenty of us house these creatures as pets and this is where I come to my point.
First and foremost, this is my opinion and while I do believe it is the most humane and logical route to take when searching for a pet, I have no doubt others will disagree. The concept of a breeder has always baffled me. While Chihuahua’s are cute, natural selection would not have ever evolved the canine into this breed, nor would their feline counterparts ever develop such a varied coat pattern. These traits were entirely created through domestication and breeding programs.  At this point there is no turning back on what is already created, but that doesn’t mean we have to literally turn our back on living pets.
Many people seek out breeders so they can obtain a pedigreed specific dog, cat, what-have-you when perfectly loveable house companions are forgotten at local shelters every day. With a bit of research you may find the precise breed you were looking for, but don’t exclude the thought of saving a beautiful half-breed either. Will you love the animal any less? You may even love them more! You can discover a variety of animals beyond the common cat from rodents to reptiles. These adorable companions are eagerly awaiting a home like yours, so don’t hesitate to visit your area’s shelters for the newest love in your life.  

My personal favorite site for seeking out a pet is Petfinder.com. There is also Adoptapet.com.

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