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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gifts for Foodies

It’s never too early to think about the holidays. And whether we like it or not, birthdays come around every year as well. A struggling market for these seasons is gifts for foodies. I’ve noticed over the years that foodies are generalized into a single grouping and ideas for their celebratory gifts are lacking creativity. Oh, a cookbook? How original. Unless your friendly neighborhood foodie requests a cookbook as a gift, it is likely something they’ve already invested in so it often reflects the same impersonal air as flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day.
Perhaps we should start with what a foodie is to begin with. We’re normal, everyday people who enjoy the sensory and adventurous experiences food can offer. Some foodies translate that love into their own kitchens, while others seek their cravings outside their homes. Before purchasing any gifts, make the executive decision of which kind of avenue best reflects the foodie in your life. If the person in question dabbles in both, then you’re in luck. Finding a present will likely be easier for you.
Some basic ideas are (as previously mentioned) a cookbook or a gift card. Try and turn these blank canvases into something that will appear more personal. Maybe they are looking to try their hand at Asian cuisine or sample its bounty at the local bistro. However, I encourage you to delve deeper. Kitchen accessories such as towels or trivets parallel the mundane predictability of a cookbook. Peruse specialty stores for ideas. A unique appliance or gadget that allows for an advancement in culinary creativity will reward you with a gold star. Or, treat them to a new food experience. Check out recently opened fare or a multi-course meal. Investigate avant garde locations for a true foodieventure.
Expand your ideas to the horizon and look beyond the obvious. Most foodies love to document their meals, so a new camera might do the trick. Touring an establishment or collection of locations is another possibility. In the same vein, a winery or brewery could really get their juices flowing. If this special person in your life has a more expensive taste, you could invest in a trip to a food-rich community, state or country. Try not to be blinded by the cookbook roadblock and seek individualized ideas that will cater to their refined palate. Happy hunting!

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