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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Writer’s Sketch 5: Owners Away, Pets Will Play

The outside becomes exposed for a brief moment, its sweet, clean air enticing my nose. But as soon as wafting scents of animals and summer grass flood my senses, the door closes behind my owners and the lock clicks shut.  Finally, the house belongs to me. But what to do? Last time they left it was only a short time. And they returned without anything for me! It’s just as well, I suppose. I did tear apart their window blankets. That was fun! Shreds of scarlet silk everywhere. They littered the floor like the crinklies the young owners throw around when the smelly tree is brought inside.
Time for fun! I turn on my paws, scurry up the stairs with my tail perked and skid into the meal room. Casually, I lick my paw and observe the quiet space. Meow? Just checking no one is home. Sometimes the young owners sneak up on me. Grab my tail; hiss at me. It’s awful. I want to avoid that at all costs if I’m to grace the forbidden counter. My ears don’t register any significant noises. Just a dripping faucet in the owner’s litter room. In a single leap I’ve landed on the slippery counter-top.  It reeks of an itchy smell that makes me sneeze.
That’s when I spot it. The strange jar that looks like me. It’s where the snacks are kept. Scrumptious treats of chewy meat, crunchy nibblets filled with pate, and even my favorite, fishy flakes. I nuzzle the top to pry the jar open but it’s no use. Rubbing against it won’t work either. No, the me jar must break to be opened. Gently pressing my forehead against the ceramic container, I inch it closer to the edge before it tumbles over the side. My pads brace my startled body atop the counter. It was so loud! Pieces of the me jar have scattered across the vinyl floor, and so did its contents.
Success! Delicious treats all for me! I devour the snacks as if I won’t ever be fed again. It’s not that I’m hungry; I just know when the owners return they will be mad. And I may not get treats for some time. Maybe this wasn’t a good plan? At this point it doesn’t matter, I’ve achieved my goal. The delectable flavors of meat melt in my mouth as I chomp the nuggets into pieces. A metal jingle rings in my ears. The door. They returned! My claws grasp the hardwood, scraping as I flee down the hallway to the lowest room. A hop, a jump and I'm tucked away where no one will find me.

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