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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifts for Writers

Leading up to the holiday season, I have searched the depths of the wb for a decent list of gifts for writers that my family and friends might be able to purchase. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to receive non-writing related gifts, especially kitchen-wear I can test in my culinary foodieventures. A micro-plain would be wonderful. But I digress.
Some writers may enjoy getting stereotypical gifts: a pen here, a journal there. Maybe even a bookmark. If that’s your cup of tea, be my guest. But those trinkets can only sustain my interest for a short time. Generally speaking, I would prefer a more personalized present that recognizes my individuality as well as my passion for writing. I can only assume this applies to most scribes. What could fit the bill? If you’re (or the writer you’re buying for is) like me, here’s a list of superb gifts for writers:
A Kindle / Tablet- Okay, so they’re expensive. I know. But for the reader / writer in your life, this could be an indispensable gift. I would suggest a Kindle for those more interested in reading on-the-go and a Tablet for people who want to write in the car, at the bar, in a box, with a fox, etc.
A Specific Book- Usually authors seek out books in their genre for comparison, study, pleasure, what have you. Listen carefully and find out what the writer in your life is looking to read. Then, buy it.
A Planner- Everyone could use a good planner. More importantly, people who are stretched between writing projects could definitely use a good time management facilitator.
Software for Formatting- Screenwriter, novelist, poet- every wordsmith needs a good editor. Sometimes a single pair of eyes misses errors, so getting a program that will become ones personal editor is a great idea. For example: final draft, or editing programs.  
Cross-Interest Gifts:
Create Your Own Cookbook- Combing delights is always a clever way to tune into your loved ones interest. For a writer that cooks, giving a cookbook that has cards to write on and sleeves for new recipes is a multipurpose gift.
A Notebook – So I dissed journals a bit earlier and now I’m suggesting you purchase one (under a pseudonym). I don’t use the pen-to-paper method as some writers may, the computer is my medium, but I do enjoy jotting down notes along my travels in nature for future use.  And the writer you know may too.
Hopefully these were helpful suggestions and that the writer in your life is ecstatic when peeling off the paper of your well-thought-out present. Until next time, Happy Holidays!

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