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Friday, August 5, 2011

Love That Dirty Water

In the lull of a summer afternoon, it can be troublesome to settle on a decent activity that will capitalize on the beautiful weather while simultaneously subduing the heat. If you live near a body of water, then you’re in luck. This past weekend we were visited by family friends and among the joyous reminiscing of how we became acquainted and our cherished Cape vacations, we settled on trying something new. Kayaking. Personally, I had experienced the river’s wonders several times, but there was something almost magical about traversing the placid surf with friends and family.

Based on my past adventures with positive results, I suggested the Paddle Boston company with its variety of launch points. I had never been on the stretch of the Charles we explored that day, which made the trip even more whimsical. New plants and animals revealed themselves around each bend of the river.  Sharing my love for nature with others was a perk compared to the relaxing atmosphere the river encouraged for us to rejuvenate our friendship.

If I managed to swiftly and quietly approach wildlife with an unthreatening behavior, I came within feet of aquatic animals as well as timid birds. Coursing with the current on the return journey, I allowed my hands to linger in the river, splashing the water with appreciation and wonder. If you live in Massachusetts, I advise you to investigate the possibilities the Paddle Boston company has to offer. However, if you live elsewhere in the North East or another region of the country, I am confident similar options are available near you. Even the smallest moment like running your hands through the water can remind you about the world’s grand opportunities and the creatures that inhabit its diverse landscape.

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