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Friday, October 1, 2010


This week was the first time I used the ripta to travel from my home in Naragansett to URI and back. My first obsticale came in the form of the admission charge: two dollars. A previous trip from campus to Providence only cost me $1.25, but I guess the two years of inflation makes a difference. I fumbled through my change purse for exact coins since the bus driver warned me the machine was not giving back tickets. Decently filled, I scanned for an open seat. The other passangers were going about their business, listening to music, reading the newspaper or daydreaming while I anxiously took my seat next to a window. Stuffing in my ear buds, I swirled the volume on my ipod and settled in for the journey.

Initially, I was nervous because I was not familiar with the route and didn't understand why the bus would take random roads and then u-turn back around. Since no one else was bothered by these occurances, I did my best to calm my nerves and trust I would make it to my destination. By taking the road less traveled, I saw the quaint areas of Wakefield and Peacedale, towns I haven't visited since joining the ram population. My favorite shop to see was the Purple Cow, it looks like an interesting place and I hope to visit it soon. As the bus continued on, we finally turned onto a road I recognized and knew for certain I had taken the correct bus. Even with my volume up, I could hear other conversations and the hum of the engine. Not long after, I arrived at my final stop forty-five minutes after leaving. It certainly takes longer than a car-ride, but it got me where I needed to go. Now I have the confidence to be able to take the route again and this time without worry.

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